Parico clothing Product Line ?

T shirt , Polo shirt ,Tank Top, Sweatshirt, Hoodies, Trouser, Skirts , Underwear,Caps etc .

Do you do clothing for Promotional purpose ?

Yes, we make all kinds of promotional clothing T shirt, cap , hoodies.

Can you make clothing from photo/customise design?


Do you do also shipping?

Yes, we make shipping , we make clothing from customer design and ship around the world.
we are also good supply chain company from design to your wearhouse solution.

Do you make clothing of high quality for branded shop?

Yes , we make clothing for branded store with customise label and packaging with cheapest price.

What are the Minimum Quantities?

The MOQ is total 2000 pieces, 500 pieces per style with various color is ok.

What is your payment method?

Western Union, Bank transfer.

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